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CoilDesigner Software Can Now Simulate the Performance of MicroGroove Smaller-Diameter Copper Tubes, Says Copper Alliance and Optimized Thermal Systems.


The International Copper Association (ICA) and Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc. (OTS) today announced that newly developed MicroGrooveTM correlations will be implemented in CoilDesigner® software, a proprietary heat exchanger simulation and design optimization tool developed by the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) at the University of Maryland.

Research at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) resulted in the development of new airside and refrigerant-side correlations, particularly for 5-mm MicroGroove tubes. To make such correlations readily available to HVAC&R system designers and heat exchanger engineers, the ICA worked with OTS to implement the newly developed correlations into its software design tool.

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CoilDesigner is a highly customizable software tool that allows designers to simulate and optimize the performance of heat exchangers. OEM users can shorten product development costs and bring products to market more quickly. OTS has an exclusive license agreement with the University of Maryland to provide customized versions and assist in the development of CoilDesigner software. OTS actively works with various HVAC&R designers around the globe to optimize heat exchanger geometry, including investigation of the use of small diameter tubes.

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About ICA
The International Copper Association, Ltd. (ICA) is the leading organization for promoting the use of copper worldwide. ICA’s mission is to promote the use of copper by communicating the unique attributes that make this sustainable element an essential contributor to the formation of life, to advances in science and technology, and to a higher standard of living worldwide. Visit for more information about ICA.

About CEEE
The Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) is a leader in research and education in environmentally responsible, economically feasible integrated energy conversion systems for buildings and transportation. Research focuses in particular on air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumping and integrated cooling heating and power systems. The Center also provides software for the design and analysis of such systems with integrated optimization capabilities for lowest cost and best performance.



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