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HVAC Product Preview

Armstrong Launches Medium Range Line of Permanent Magnet Pumps.
Designed to Deliver 20% Lower Operating Costs.

The new pumps are available with motors ranging from15 hp to 50 hp, and operate at NEMA Ultra-Premium Efficiency levels that exceed the efficiency targets of both the US Department of Energy and the European Union.

Beyond the motor efficiency, a number of additional design innovations make the new Design Envelope pumps more energy-efficient and cost-effective:

• Armstrong’s patented Parallel Sensorless Control stages multiple pumps and regulates output for best efficiency across the entire pump array, saving 10-30% in operating costs

• Adjustable design points and setpoint based on the actual on-site conditions

• A quadratic pressure control curve that provides more efficiency than a linear pressure control curve

• A constant-flow function for maintaining a desired flow rate in recirculation applications

• Advanced connectivity via Armstrong’s Pump Manager, a cloud-based performance tracking service, provides industry-leading analytics and insights along with alerts, alarms and data storage

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DUCKT-STRIP® The only mini-split cable with patented Rip-N-StripTM technology.

Duckt-Strip® with Rip-n-Strip™ technology is a new kind of mini-split cable that provides the installer with everything they need in one cable. Meeting all of the approvals & qualifications for a mini-split cable, The Duckt-Strip® cable is preferred by Electrical Inspectors. The Rip-N-Strip™ technology gives the installer the ability to quickly strip the wire without using strippers, knives, or cutters. This makes the process faster, safer, and more cost-effective in the long run.

Contractors will enjoy knowing that their mini-split installation already meets code with the all-in-one Duckt-Strip® cable. They’ll enjoy saving money on the less time it takes to run Duckt-Strip® versus traditional wiring. And they’ll be glad they’re not paying medical expenses for cuts and gouges that occur when stripping traditional wire.

Download the Duckt-Strip® with Rip-n-Strip™ Technology flyer.

Allied Air Enterprises Keeps Independent Distribution Ahead of the Curve with Early Introduction of 17 SEER Air Conditioner Under Concord®, Ducane™ and Allied™ Brands.

Particularly Relevant to 2023 Southeast and Southwest Regions.
Allied Air Enterprises announces the new 4AC17 single stage air conditioner under the Concord®, Ducane™ and Allied™ brands, providing an efficiency range of 15 to 17 SEER. Allied Air will start production in July 2022, proactively anticipating 2023 regional efficiency requirements in the Southeast and Southwest United States, where new minimum efficiency requirements are moving from 14 to 15 SEER or 14.3 SEER2 under the new testing standards.

According to the 2023 requirements, there is no sell-through period for non-compliant air conditioning units in these regions. This means distributors must have compliant products in stock well before January 1, 2023.

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New Inaba Denko Slimduct Black Lineset Cover.

The Slimduct Lineset Cover, manufactured and backed by Inaba Denko premium quality standards, is a simple, lightweight, and inexpensive solution to cover mini split HVAC linesets. This cover will protect both the lineset and HVAC system from extreme weather conditions during the winter, spring, and fall, including leakage.

High-Grade PVC Lineset Hide
The Slimduct SD Black lineset cover is water-resistant/weatherproof PVC that will protect your linsets from rain, sleet, snow, etc. The high-quality PVC line set hide provides you with an economical solution that's not only lightweight but strong!

Variable Lineset Cover Dimensions
It will be perfect for small installations on any home! It can be easily cut and,is available in multiple widths and lengths.

Customized Lineset Cover Colors
This linecover hide features many different ells and inlets to fit any project. Inaba Denko lineset covers are available in multiple colors, black, ivory, or brown.

Click here for more information.

New Chillgard VRF Refrigerant Leak Detectors Safeguard Climate Control Systems in Commercial Buildings and Other Facilities.

Building engineers and contractors who are installing or maintaining energy-saving Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems will find the highly reliable Chillgard® VRF Refrigerant Leak Detector with integrated BACNet capability from MSA provides advanced leak detection technology to protect the respiratory safety of building and facility occupants.  Designed with MSA’s advanced photoacoustic infrared (PAIR) sensing technology, Chillgard VRF Refrigerant Detectors operate with a stable zero baseline. PAIR technology eliminates sensor drift and allows operation for lengthy periods over temperatures ranging from 32-140°F, 0-60°C, and 0-95% relative humidity levels without adjustment or maintenance.

Chillgard VRF Detectors are discretely placed nearby in building rooms and hallways. They are ideal for universities, banks, offices, hotels, restaurants, strip malls, hospitals, nursing homes and places of worship. The automation friendly Chillgard VRF Detector operates independently or is compatible with multiple building management systems (BMS).

Installation is simple requiring 24 Vdc/Vac power. There are no moving parts for low maintenance and only an annual calibration check is recommended.
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Belimo Americas announces the release of SelectPro version 3.5 which now includes a sensors module offering a complete range for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in pipe, duct, and outdoor applications.

SelectPro is a quick tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, sensors and replacement solutions. SelectPro’s features include; export builder, reference documents, contact profiles, quote generator, and media download capability. SelectPro version 3.5 includes not only the new sensor module but also the new technologically advanced butterfly assemblies. 

“SelectPro provides contractors and engineers an extremely useful tool," states Danielle Breece, Sales Tool Specialist for Belimo. “They like the speed and ease-of-use, and now with the additional sensor module, SelectPro can serve as a single source for sizing and selection field-level devices for any building project.”
Download SelectPro. Use SelectPro online.

Marketair Wins Gold and Bronze HVAC/R Product Design Awards for LinePort and SnapFix.

Marketair’s LinePort, plastic hooded pipe inlet ports for weatherproof rooftop penetrations and the SnapFix mini-split condenser mounting bracket fastener competed against 79 product design entries that were judged by an independent panel of contractors and won Gold and Bronze awards, respectively, in the “Components & Accessories” category.

The two-piece LinePort is easily installed in less than 30 minutes and it weatherproofs roof penetrations for HVAC/R linesets, condensate, plumbing and electrical piping installations on commercial and residential buildings.

Two sizes fit up to six linesets, depending on pipe diameters. The precision-molded, UV-resistant, durable white ASA-plastic gooseneck designs are an aesthetic, labor-saving and less costly alternative to fabricated galvanized metal piping ports on flat or pitched roofs.  For more information visit

Model FG7TE/FG7TN features 16-speed ECM blower motor.

Nortek Global HVAC, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, HVAC systems, is adding a new 96% AFUE gas furnace to its lineup. Model FG7TE/FG7TN comes with a factory-installed ECM motor and programmable control board. The new furnace meets ENERGY STAR requirements and qualifies for local utility rebates and the U.S. federal tax credit.

The Nortek Global HVAC fixed-torque ECM blower motor is programmable to 16 different speeds for both heating and cooling operation modes, making it extremely adaptable to challenging high-static applications as well a greater range of heating and cooling capacities. Nearly 100% of the fuel used to power the unit is converted into useful heating power.

The new furnace also features:
• SmartLite® hot surface igniter made of silicon nitride for long igniter life
• On board jumper shunt for two-stage operation from a single-stage thermostat
• Dehumidification terminal to reduce initial airflow for maximum humidity removal
• Three LED status lights to simplify troubleshooting

Model FG7TE/FG7TN joins the company’s 95% AFUE furnaces, including another model with an ECM motor, a single-stage model with multi-speed non-ECM blower motor and two multi-stage models.

Model FG7TE/FG7TN is available in the Broan®, Frigidaire®, NuTone®, and Westinghouse® brands of HVAC equipment. Similar model MGC2TE/MGC2TN is available in the Maytag® brand.

For more information about innovative Nortek Global HVAC products, contractors and distributors should visit

RectorSeal® Introduces the Slimduct® Lineset Protection Cover Kit for Split-System and Minisplit A/C Installations.

Premium-grade kit offers complete, compact packaging of duct and fittings for protecting and concealing linesets on 85-percent of commercial and luxury home installations.

RectorSeal® Corp., Houston, a leading manufacturer of HVAC products and accessories, introduces the Slimduct® Lineset Protection Cover Kit by Inabo Denko, the original premium lineset cover manufacturer. RectorSeal's compactly boxed kit provides all the duct and fittings necessary for protecting and aesthetically concealing linesets in a routine central split-system or minisplit air conditioning installation.

Other Slimduct Lineset Protection Cover Kit features are:
• two-color red/black box's exterior depicts descriptive illustrations of duct and fittings content;
• requires no additional brackets, fasteners or hardware for installation;
• applicable to indoor as well as outdoor lineset concealment and protection;
• easy precursor for wholesalers to eventually stock and display Slimduct's full line of lineset protection;
• both sizes easily conceal condensate hose, thermostat wire, and power wiring in addition to linesets;
• suitable for temperatures -80° to 140°F;
• easily stacked on service trucks as well as distributor shelves;
• and available from most HVAC wholesale distributors.

For additional information, visit email:; or call 800-231-3345.

Johnson Controls focuses on Simplicity for Coleman commercial packaged and split system products

Johnson Controls is bringing Simplicity® Smart Equipment (SE) controls to its Coleman® brand of commercial packaged and split system products. Soon to be standard on all 3- to 40-ton packaged units, the updated Simplicity SE controls make equipment easier to install, operate and service and provide information that ensures a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is performing to specifications.

Simplicity SE controls use an easy-to-read, built-in LCD display and navigation joystick to provide quick access to menus that display unit status, options, current function, supply, return and outdoor temperatures, fault codes and other information.
This information ensures a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is performing to specifications and provides opportunities to improve system performance, reduce energy costs and improve comfort.   

All Simplicity SE controls are factory commissioned, configured and run tested.
For more information, visit the Coleman website at or view the Simplicity SE Controls video on YouTube at

RectorSeal® Desolv™ is HVAC Industry's Safest Coil Cleaner Formulated Specifically for Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Odorless Desolv™ safely dislodges dirt, mold, films and other contaminants from ductless mini-split coils and blower fan blades, and prevents overflows from drain pan orifice clogs.

The odorless Desolv dislodges dirt, biological contaminants, debris and films within minutes to prevent the inherently small evaporator condensate drain pan orifices from clogs. After a comprehensive two-year testing period on all mini-split brands and models, Desolv is guaranteed to dislodge and dissolve contaminants without harming the aluminum, copper and metal alloys of sensitive evaporator coil tubing, fins and the unit's plastic housing cover. 

Desolv is a perfect complement to RectorSeal's full line of ductless mini-split installation and cleaning accessories such as NoKink--kink-free lineset connection; GasGuard and Novent--locking caps for condenser refrigerant access valves; SlimDuct and Fortress--lineset protection duct; ACTabs--drain pan mold prevention; PairCoil--pre-insulated linesets; Aspen Pumps--condensate pumps; and a variety of other accessories for condensate management and equipment mounting.
For additional information, visit
email:; or call 800-231-3345.

Johnson Controls introduces Wi-Fi®-Capable York® Residential Communicating Control.

The new Wi-Fi®-capable York® Affinity™ Residential Communicating Control from Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial company with established core businesses in the automotive, building and energy storage industries, offers an intuitive interface and remote access, which makes installation and troubleshooting routines easy.

The Wi-Fi capability provides homeowners with remote access to the control system from their smartphone or tablet device using the IntelliComfort™ mobile app, allowing them to easily monitor the status of every enabled system device—from the air conditioner to the furnace to the air handler to the heat pump. Contractors can ask homeowners to provide them with access to automated system faults and notification alerts via email.

Homeowners will appreciate the “Quick Heat and Cool” feature which temporarily puts the heating or cooling mode at the highest capacity, as well as multiple schedules and daily events that can be easily programmed to help reduce their utility bills. Zone control is possible for up to six zones, meaning precise comfort levels can be programmed from a single touch screen.

For more information, visit

Introducing the MicroMAX EDGE from Koch Filter Corporation.

is an all synthetic, durable minipleat panel filter that offers an incredible amount of media area compared to other filters of the same size. The increased media area and high dust holding capacity translates into fewer filter changes.

design allows for lower energy costs as pressure drops remain low for longer periods. The high mechanical efficiency translates into a better level of indoor air quality.

Available in 2" & 4" with 4" single header option.
is designed to replace almost any 12" competitive high efficiency filter.

Find information about our complete line of air filters at

Fuji Electric Introduces New HVAC Inverter for U.S. Market.
Manufacturer Continues Expansion of Drives Product Portfolio.

The latest innovation from the global electronics manufacturer features a slim, space-saving design, real-time clock, embedded BACnet, and all other functions required to independently operate fans and pumps in air-conditioning equipment.

“The development of our HVAC Drive was based on a demand from our customers around the world for energy saving inverters with superior fan control,” said Sumio Akimatsu, Fuji Electric’s Vice President of Components for the Americas. “As with all Fuji Electric products, quality was our primary focus, and FRENIC-HVAC was designed for both UL Type 1 and Type 12 installation environments.”

For more information please visit For more information please visit

New Magnetic HVAC Strap™ Makes Service Calls Easier, Earns Outstanding Reviews From HVAC Technicians.
AmiraLin, maker of the new HVAC Strap™ – a magnetic manifold gauge holder – has finally solved a historic problem for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians: trying to hang a manifold gauge by its built-in hook.

Invented by an HVAC technician for HVAC technicians, the new HVAC Strap is constructed from heavy-duty woven material, coated metal (to avoid scratching or damaging the finish of the HVAC unit), plus a powerful magnet. The HVAC Strap attaches quickly and easily to the manifold gauge, and its magnet allows the technician to hang the gauge almost anywhere – wherever it’s easiest to be seen.

Benefits of the HVAC Strap include…

• Enhanced safety (no gauges near high voltage, no hook near fan blades, no trip hazard on ground)
• Improved efficiency (put the gauge where it’s easiest to see and use)
• Non-damaging to HVAC units (magnet is coated to prevent scratching painted finishes of units)

The product is available to HVAC distributors through a nationwide network of manufacturer’s representatives, or on the company’s website. For additional information, and to watch a demonstration video of the new magnetic
HVAC Strap, visit the AmiraLin website at Or call the company at

Rosenberg USA Introduces Class 1, Division 2
Explosion-Proof Fans Evaporator Applications.
TRosenberg Ex evaporator fans are backward-curved motorized impellers designed specifically for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations in temperature classes T1 through T3, IIA and IIB. They are available in sizes 400mm, 450mm and 500mm, with airflow from 3,000 to 6,500 CFM.

Rosenberg’s new explosion-proof evaporator fans are safe for use in areas where there is danger of explosive atmospheres during normal operations. Rosenberg Ex fans are motorized impellers designed specifically for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations in temperature classes T1 through T3, IIA and IIB, such as refineries or chemical storage.  

For more information, or to place an order, contact Rosenberg USA by phone at (704) 893-0883; fax (704) 882-0755 or e-mail sales (at) rosenbergusa (dot) com.

Triangle Manufacturing's Cushioned HVAC Bearings Now Available in Multiple Strengths Without Increase in Weight. 
Triangle's cushioned pillow block mountings are now available in high strength steel
(HSLA), with the added benefit of maintaining the regular duty material weight.  

Cushioned HVAC Bearings Now Available in Multiple Strengths Without Increase in WeightThe current steel performs very well in most applications, but some customers had asked for a higher strength option. This new material is available with Triangle's cushioned pillow block mountings, along with the standard pillow block and flange housings. This higher strength steel is perfect for HVAC applications in industrial fans, commercial heating and air conditioning systems and in large evaporative coolers. Available bore sizes range from 3/8" to 1 1/2".

The cushions are available in extruded or molded foam and in durometers ranging from hard to soft. Please contact Triangle Manufacturing for more information, quotes on this new product or questions.

Honeywell Pressure- Regulated Flow Control Valves Help Optimize Energy Efficiency, Cut Installation Time Dynamic Balancing of Building Hydronic Systems Integrates Flow and Temperature- Control Functions to Maintain Honeywell Pressure- Regulated Flow Control Valves Help Optimize Energy Efficiency, Cut Installation Time Dynamic Balancing of Building Hydronic Systems Integrates Flow and Temperature- Control Functions to Maintain 
Key features Honeywell’s Pressure-Regulated Flow Control Valves integrate a dynamic pressure-balancing cartridge with a control valve. The dynamic pressure balancing cartridge ensures that the flow-through valve stays at design flow for maximum comfort and system efficiency. Other key features include: Controls flow within five percent accuracy at all load conditions, and improves control and performance to help extend actuator life. Accurate flow regulation allows optimal sizing of chillers, boilers and pumps. Threaded (VRN Series) and flanged (VRW Series) valves.

Field serviceable stem allows valves to be serviced in the field rather than cut from the pipe. Full range of sizes – from ½ inch to 6 inch. Honeywell provides integrated building automation systems and components that together offer maximum operating efficiencies in commercial building HVAC systems. Use of pressure regulated flow control valves and variable frequency drives (VFDs), are two top ways to tap into improved energy efficiency. For more information, call 1-800-466-3993 or visit

KNIPEX-Tools Introduces Cobra Water Pump Pliers with 30% More Gripping Capacity.    Cobra Water Pump Pliers have special hardened teeth that are wear resistant and its unique jaw configuration can grip any shaped object. One pair of pliers does the job of two! Cobra Water Pump Pliers are easy to use. Simply place the upper part of the jaw against the work piece, press the button, and push the lower jaw into position. That’s it! It is easily done with one hand for trouble-free operation in confined spaces. The Cobra’s textured, non-slip handles provide a secure grip for less stress and strain on hands and wrists and the guard prevents the operator’s fingers from being pinched. Comfort Grip handles are also available for a wider, more comfortable hold, making it the ideal tool for all-day use. For a firm and secure grip even in rough conditions, Cobra Water Pump Pliers from KNIPEX are the perfect tools for your customers’ everyday usage.   Visit for more information on Cobra Water Pump Pliers and other  KNIPEX tools. 
The True All In One Combustion Analyzer New BTU1100 Combustion Analyzer. 

•Field-Replaceable Sensors
•Built-In Printer (Non-Thermal)
•CO Sensor (0-8000 ppm)
•Unbreakable Metal Connections
•Robust “Boiler Room” Design
•2 Year Sensor Warranty

The New, Updated BTU1100 Portable Combustion Analyzer is the most updated, ALL-IN-ONE unit to meet the growing needs for the mechanical contractors, Plumbers, Boiler Technicians, and many more. Now available are field replaceable sensors for easy diagnostics and replacements to cut out “down-time” and costly repair charges. Also standard on this multifunctional unit is the most Durable & High-Range CO Sensor in the market with built-in NOx filtration to ensure the most accurate CO readings possible.     
For additional information, please contact E Instruments’ HVAC Department,
Tel: 215-750-1212, Fax: 215-750-1399Email:

Dispatch Manager Pro. 
The Entire Days Activity for each of your technicians can be viewed on the dispatch board at a single glance. Each call can be color coded to indicate what type of call it is such as green for warranty, blue for maintenance or white for an installation. Pick your layout. Each of your employees that are involved in scheduling can define how the dispatch board will look at their workstation. Both the columns and the rows can be defined by the user in addition to what information is displayed for each dispatch ticket. 

During a recent survey our clients were asked, "Which feature of your software is the most important to you?" Ninety percent of them responded that it is very easy to use. Over and over again we heard that our software was very understandable and could be used with minimum training.  Contact us for a no ristk free trial.  
DispatchManager Pro
2032 East Square Lake Road Suite 200 Troy, Michigan 48085 Phone: 248-879-1883



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