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Choice Partners Recognizes HTS for Energy Savings.


HTS was recognized by Choice Partners for bringing significant energy savings to the Bell County Expo Center in its latest renovation. Along with savings, the Bell County Expo Center praised HTS for hard work, dedication to quality, and expertise.

While spring is for many the season of renewal and optimism, for others it means flipping the thermostat switch back to “cool” – a refreshing change until the energy bill rolls in. Rising temperatures can mean spiking operating costs and added risk to budgets already stretched too thin. For such a common problem – and others – Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) has answers.

“We’re seeing about 40% savings across the board,” said John Dungan, assistant director, Bell County Expo Center, referring to the perks of a roughly $5 million renovation completed using HTS’ Choice Partners contract for HVAC equipment and service (JOC-IDIQ).

Energy savings are not all that have members singing HTS’ praises. The full-service HVAC distributor, which has 16 locations in North America, is known for bending over backwards for its clients.

“[HTS] knows exactly what we are asking for and gets it to us in most cases within a couple of days,” said Vincent Price, assistant director, Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), before adding: “We have been very pleased with their performance.”

Better quality of light
Situated in the heart of central Texas is the Bell County Expo Center, a multi-venue events space that includes an arena and several exhibit halls. According to Dungan, the Expo’s “mixed bag of buildings” hosts around 250 events annually, including rock concerts, dog shows and high school graduations.

When, at the ripe old age of 28, the Expo Center was in sore need of updates, Dungan braced himself for costly closures and cancellations.

“We only have a handful of dark days during the year,” he said. “We met with several firms, and HTS was head and shoulders the most qualified.”

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Many venues like the Expo Center shy away from major renovations that might require them to block out weeks of their calendar, but here’s where HTS obliterates expectations. For the entire span of the renovation project, the Expo Center never had to cancel an event due to renovation.

“We couldn’t shut it down for two weeks while we installed HVAC equipment,” said Bill Schumann, commissioner, Bell County Precinct 3, explaining that the Expo Center’s events are usually booked months in advance. He added that HTS achieved “a phenomenal, logistical success!”

“HTS worked through our event load,” said Dungan, providing not only energy-saving technology and excellent customer service but “a better quality of light” in many areas.

Additionally, HTS installed some “of the most cutting-edge chillers in the state of Texas,” which are more than just energy-efficient. “They’re quiet,” Dungan said.

Single source for multiple needs
Knowing exactly what’s needed to improve a facility often requires specialized knowledge. For example, DCCCD uses HTS’ Choice Partners contract to fill orders for variable frequency drives (VFD’s), which basically stop HVAC motors from going zero to a hundred every time they operate. Co-op members enjoy competitive pricing on these energy-saving devices.

Governmental entities can also benefit from using HTS’ services across a broad platform. “Since HTS was part of the co-op, they were one of the vendors that we could use,” said Schumann. “They were a single source for the engineering, construction, and energy savings that we wanted to achieve.”

Energy savings, logistical magic, one-stop shopping for government purchasing – what’s the downside?

“No downside, all upside,” Dungan said.

To learn more about Heat Transfer Solutions, go to or contact Bob Lane at or 512-470-0580.




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