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Southwest HVAC News Guest Column

Green Technologies that are Changing Your HVAC Business
By: Dani Nicole
The concept of “going green” is no longer just a trend—it’s now a smarter and more responsible way of life. As an HVAC contractor, you’re going to see plenty of new innovations when it comes to eco-friendly technology. At Home Improvement Leads, we love this push for environmentally friendly practices. Here are some of our favorite green technologies that will impact your business.

Eco-Friendly A/C Tech
One of the biggest innovations to hit the air conditioning world is the solar-powered unit. Brands like Chromasun have developed a thermally driven A/C unit, which is a lower-cost alternative to traditional A/C units. According to Chromasun’s website, this thermal unit is solar-enhanced, which means it relies on solar thermal energy until it runs out. Natural gas serves as a supplement. Homeowners are enticed by dramatic savings, due to the low cost of solar and natural gas energy sources. This unit is also compatible with MCT solar panels, and it has high reliability rankings.

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Fully solar units, like Lezeti Hybrid Solar PV, receive power directly into the unit. According to its website, Lezeti is highly energy efficient and merits a SEER21 rating. The unit is ductless and installation can be immediate, since it doesn’t require utility approval. Homeowners also see the potential for federal/state tax credits and rebates due to going solar.

Greener Heating Solutions
In the winter, eco-minded homeowners embrace technology like the dual-fuel heat pump from ARS Rescue Rooter. This unit utilizes a combination of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. The result is a cozy heating solution for a range of temperatures. The initial investment may be higher than a less eco-friendly alternative, but the monthly utility savings even out the cost.

Sanyo ECO-i offers a heat pump that you can connect to nine different indoor unit zones. Each zone is individually programmable, which means you can control your heating levels all over the house, depending on each room. Rooms that allow a lot of sunlight in, for example, may need less heating than a room that’s heavily shaded. Say goodbye to that “freezing back room” and hello to comfort in every space. This system reduces utility costs and doesn’t waste any energy, due to thermal power conservation tech.

Analytic Solutions
Energy analysis software is also rising in popularity. From simple smart thermostats apps that monitor heating and cooling to more complex indoor climate analysis software, homeowners want to know exactly where their money travels.

The IDA Indoor Climate and Energy system receives high reviews, according to Building Energy Software Tools. The application allows HVAC contractors to build and simulate real-time 3D models of energy analytics. You can calculate “cooling, heating, air demand, and energy, together with a built-in version handling system.” Using such software to analyze and optimize energy conservation brings many homeowners peace of mind.

Times are changing, and technology continuously evolves. Embrace this exciting opportunity to change the services you offer, and rest easily knowing you’re doing your part to help protect the environment!




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