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CE Launches AHRI System Builder Tool To Assist HVAC Contractors In Building HVAC Systems.



Innovative online tool designed to offer contractors the benefits of building an AHRI certified HVAC system with just a few clicks of a mouse.

As one of the HVAC/R industry’s leading distributors of quality products and technology for contractors, CE understands all the intricacies of running a successful HVAC/R business. In response to requests by customers and in-depth research on how contractors use AHRI’s certified products database, the company developed CE’s AHRI HVAC System Builder, a groundbreaking online tool that provides HVAC dealers and contractors with a simple way to build AHRI certified HVAC systems. This innovative tool replaces the time consuming, tedious, and error prone process of designing an HVAC system using the AHRI online database with an online process that instantly checks for current system compatibility, equipment AHRI performance ratings, possible rebates for the contractor and the customer, and real-time pricing and inventory levels at the contractor’s local CE sales center.

The benefits of this tool are invaluable to the contractor and the productivity and profitability of his business. With the help of this tool, the contractor no longer needs to spend hours designing and computing the HVAC system data customers demand. The online tool provides an instant HVAC matching system, real-time inventory information, and integrated AHRI ratings to ensure the equipment is rated properly for the job. The desktop and mobile friendly tool saves the contractor time in estimating the job, getting customer approval, ordering the equipment and facilitating delivery or pickup directly from the device. And, since the AHRI System Builder works seamlessly between all devices, the contractor can easily work from his office, truck, or onsite at the customer’s location.

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“We are excited to be the first HVAC distributor to provide this unique tool to the contractor community. We believe it will be a game changer for how our customers run their HVAC businesses and will ensure higher productivity, increased sales and greater profitability. We spent years developing this tool and ran a successful pilot program with our most active HVAC contractors. The results have been fantastic and we are excited to launch it nationally so that our entire distributor network of customers can get the benefits of the tool, “ said Edward Gaffneny, CE’s President of Digital Business.

CE’s AHRI System Builder tool allows the contractor to build a new or replacement HVAC system in several ways based on the customer’s goals and the scope of the job. With the AHRI Certification Number Option, the contractor enters the AHRI certification number and CE’s AHRI System Builder will display the status of that AHRI number, as well as the models, pricing, and availability in the local CE sales center for the equipment.

If the contractor already has the model number for the required equipment, he or she can search for the equipment in the system using the Model Number option. The contractor simply enters the outdoor, indoor and/or furnace model numbers of the equipment and CE’s AHRI System Builder will present all of the AHRI-certified systems available at the local CE sales center that include those models.

If the contractor is looking for specific performance requirements and system types, the System Needs option will produce a range of results. The contractor will simply choose between Cooling Only, Cooling & Heating, Heat Pump, Heating Only, Packaged, or Ductless and then enter the required parameters of the system. The contractor will be given a list of all of the corresponding HVAC system solutions available for online ordering or purchase at a local CE sales center.

In addition, the tool will suggest any required accessories and controls to complete the HVAC system – and recommend installation accessories so that the contractor has everything needed to complete the job. Finally, the AHRI number and efficiency ratings can be printed for the customer or technician’s use at the jobsite, and they are also saved within the contractor’s online CE account for building future systems and online ordering - saving the contractor time and increasing overall productivity.

"As part of the contractor focus group, I have been using CE’s AHRI system builder for a couple of weeks now and I find it to be very easy to use and informative. I am looking forward to sharing this with my team along with future updates that will make the tool even easier” said Richard Dusza, Vice President, Stafford Mechanical Services, Inc., Stafford, CT.

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