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Houston based John Moore Tech, provides fast-paced continuing education to HVAC technicians.
Skilled-trade labor- which includes careers in plumbing, electrical and HVAC repair- has taken a hit recently as more and more high-school graduates pursue careers in other fields.


Houston-based home service leader John Moore Home Services seeks to reverse this trend and encourage a larger portion of the incoming labor-force to join the ranks of the industry with John Moore Tech.

John Moore Tech is a fast-paced program that provides continuing education to HVAC technicians who have had some prior training in the skilled-trades, as well as interns who are eager to learn but may not have any previous training. Students who successfully complete the program will also be considered for a full-time position at John Moore. The program will begin its second year of vocational training on February 12th.

“The goal of John Moore Tech is to fully prepare technicians and refine their skills to the level of quality expected from homeowners, especially customers of John Moore,” says John Moore Tech Trainer Donny Bright. “There is a higher demand for skilled-trade labor than ever before. We’re not seeing as many high school graduates pursue careers as plumbers or HVAC technicians, but there are a record number of homes that need AC and plumbing work. John Moore Tech is our way of reinvigorating our noble industry and investing in the future of skilled-trade labor and the American economy as a whole.”

The shortage of young skilled-trade workers presents a severe and growing problem for the US economy. According to EMSI, 53% of skilled laborers in 2012 were 45 or older, and the average age of an HVAC employee was about 55 years old.

With only around 6% of current high school students considering a career in the trades, there is a huge gap between the demand for skilled-trade work and the size of the upcoming skilled- trade labor force.

An aging infrastructure compounded by the lack of an available labor force to maintain and upgrade pipes, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and other technologies that have become essential to daily life has led to a major concern: will there be a enough skilled-trade workers in the near future to sustain and improve the current US infrastructure?”

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“The current demand for skilled-trade labor presents a major opportunity for those interested in the skilled trades,” says John Moore CEO Don Valentine. “What many people don’t take into account is that in four months, they can be making more than the average 4-year college graduate. The average plumber makes about $52,000 a year. And when you take into account our full benefit package including medical, dental, vision, life, short and long-term disability, 401K, holiday and vacation pay, it’s a career you can raise a family with. And furthermore, they’ll be fulfilling something our country needs in the near future.”

Last year alone, John Moore Tech graduated 98 students, many of whom continued working for John Moore after having a positive learning experience in the John Moore Tech program. One of these students was Kristopher Lee.

“I initially joined John Moore Tech after a year in the field because I felt I was missing the basic fundamentals that I needed to perform my job,” recalls Lee. “I had attended a community college to obtain my certification, but what I lacked was actual field practice. Overall, I would say that this type of program should be a requirement for any techs that are coming out of school or just jumping back into the field; we all get complacent and lose track of the basics. It's nice to have a company like John Moore that is willing to help mold you and lead you on the path to success.”

Although John Moore Tech exclusively trains HVAC technicians, they plan on expanding their curriculum to include plumbing and electrical training in the years to come.

Prospective students of John Moore Tech can apply online or in person. The deadline for applications is February 8th, 2017 and orientation begins on February 9th. Classes begin on February 12th and end on June 9th.

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