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DuctSox's SimpleSox Fabric HVAC Duct Line Adds Porous Fabrics and Silver Color Options.
SimpleSox is industry's first modular, field-adjustable, in-stock fabric ductwork system with fast, next-day shipping from DuctSox.


DuctSox's, a leading textile HVAC air dispersion systems manufacturer, now offers a porous fabric and a silver color option to its SimpleSox™ product line--the HVAC industry’s first field-adjustable, modular, configurable and fully-stocked fabric ductwork system for smaller, non-plan/specification ventilation applications.

The UL-classified SimpleSox is designed for HVAC contractors and maintenance staffs with simple design-build heating/cooling/ventilating projects of 6,000-cfm or less, such as commercial facility build-outs or floor plan reconfigurations, manufacturing/warehouse industrial plant retrofits, retail strip center tenant improvement projects, or any other open ceiling architecture application.

Corrosion-resistant SimpleSox's new porosity features condensation-free air conditioning. Third-party tests by Bioenvironmental Structural Systems (BESS) at the University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill., have proven condensation doesn't occur on porous fabric ductwork as it does on metal ductwork devoid of labor-intensive insulation treatments or pricey insulated double wall construction. The porosity breathes a small portion of supply air through the fabric to create a thin layered buffer zone of tempered air and prevent condensation on the cooler duct surface by the room's warmer, humid ambient air.

Porous SimpleSox also has high-throw airflow capabilities via its patented, two-foot-long Adjustable Air Outlet (AAO). The AAO is a versatile four-orifice component, which can be zippered anywhere into the duct run and offer a variety of throw distances, volume and direction that surpass metal duct/register system capabilities.

Another SimpleSox addition is an intermediate 10-foot long section to complement its existing round 15, 5 and 1.5-foot modular lengths of porous or non-porous polyester-woven, fabric ranging in five diameters of 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28-inches that accommodate up to 6,000-cfm per run.

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Other newly added SimpleSox components include the Twisty, a flexible connecting length that stretches from 36 to 72-inches and can be twisted to circumvent pipe, beams and other obstructions without using 90 and 45-degree elbows. A cross and a reducer have also been added to SimpleSox's full line of porous and non-porous fittings and connections.

DuctSox also offers customer support, an installation manual, literature and online pricing/sizing guides.

Other features include:

  • The color silver offers the end-user a cleaner appearing alternative to the original white color.

  • Quick next-day delivery makes SimpleSox a fast and reusable air comfort solution for emergency situations and temporary/mobile structures.

  • The AAO and elbows have dual zippers for connecting in either direction. The AAO can produce 4 and 8-o’clock directional airflow or 2 and 10-o’clock, if reversed.

  • One year warranty.

  • Installations are 40 to 80-percent quicker and 15 to 50-percent less expensive than conventional metal duct/register systems.

  • Easy to disassemble and commercially launder.

  • Suspended by easy-to-install steel cable and gliders.

    For more information on the total line of SimpleSox fabric ductwork products, please visit or call 866-DUCTSOX.



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